Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wholly Rye

Some soy milk soured, so bread was the result; and since I'd just gotten some First Clear Flour from King Arthur, that suggested a rye. Here's the resulting three loaves:

And one loaf, isolated; it's brighter because it was taken with a flash.

and the recipe:

Wholly Rye

Org. Rye Flour
K.A. First Clear Flour
Soy Powder
Org. Cornmeal
Org. High Gluten Wheat Flour
Agave syrup
Kosher Salt
Hemp Seed
Ground Flax Seed
Black Sesame Seed
Whole Cumin Seed
Whole Coriander Seed
Whole Flax Seed
Sour Soy Milk
Columbus Pale Ale
Giza Sourdough Culture

Mixed 9/16/08
Baked 9/17/08

The high gluten flour was mainly used to feed the starter. Haven't tasted it yet; the aftermath of Hurricane Ike's winds on Sunday meant no power since then to Ann's studio, so we had to empty the refrigerator and freezer there, which has taken up a good part of the day!