Friday, September 14, 2007

San Francisco Sourdough

A year or so after buying the San Francisco starter from Ed Wood at Sourdough International (, finally got around to activating it and making bread! Took three days to activate, following Wood's directions; made two sets: baguettes, and a no-knead loaf (again following his directions). Photos of the results below. Terrific San Francisco taste--and having just been in San Francisco last week, and had the real thing, this is either identical or so close that our jaded tastebuds can't tell the difference!

dough formed

no-knead loaf shaped and in the cast iron pot

the loaves baked; should have let them brown a few more minutes, although the look is purely cosmetic--taste still good!

no-knead baked; should have let it rise more, but it was 1:00 a.m., and I wanted to get some sleep--

no-knead crumb

and the crumb of the baguettes, resting on the other loaf

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