Sunday, November 25, 2007

On soup and other things

haven't had to make bread for the last couple of weeks--still Struan in the freezer, as well as an informal whole wheat rye I put together shortly afterwards, when Ann said she really wanted a sandwich loaf. Fairly simple:

Whole Wheat/Rye

Org. Rye flour
Org. whole wheat flour
Daily Grind cornmeal
Soy milk
Org. sea salt
King Arthur “New England” starter


We spent the Thanksgiving weekend cooking--mainly soups, using our new crockpot, which we then canned.

Ann did potato/leek, a favorite adapted by Mollie Katzan, then her own Verde, inspired by a green soup from Whole World Restaurant here in Columbus, but made of whatever greens are in season. I did a couple of squash soups, since there was a great buy on squash locally last week, so I got a couple. Made a Butternut/pear/ginger soup, from a recipe in Deborah Madison's soup cookbook, a winter stew with Delicata and Kambocha squash with red lentils, from a recipe found on an animal rights' organization flyer, and Mollie Katzan's Firecracker Chili, slightly modified. Put up fifteen quarts of soup among us, and Ann got to try out the new 7 quart slow cooker that we charged out on Black Friday to get cheaply. Kitchen smelled fantastically by the time we were done!

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