Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Multi Grain Struan--again

another multi-grain struan, from Peter Reinhart's whole wheat recipe. Had to hurry these a bit, as it was getting very late at night--so the rise not as complete as it might have been, and not quite as browned as the last batch. Ah, well. Taste still splendid--

the ingredients in this particular iteration:

Whole Wheat Struan

Whole grains:
Steel cut oats
Oat flakes
Wheat flakes

(soaked overnight, then added to the biga
King Arthur Whole Wheat
Ground flax seed
Soy Milk
Kosher Salt
Agave nectar
Organic canola oil
King Arthur “New England” Starter

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Ben said...

Nice blog. I can use a couple of your recipes for bread.