Monday, January 21, 2008

Double Rye

Having gotten a shipment from King Arthur, made up a variation of their version of Peasant Rye:

Double Rye Bread

King Arthur Organic Pumpernickel Flour
King Arthur First Clear Flour
Daily Grind Cornmeal
Oat flour
Organic gluten
Mashed potato
Caramel color
Ground flaxseed
Hemp seed
Caraway seed
Chopped dried onion
Chopped burgandy olives
Solar salt
Soy milk
Potato water
Barley malt
instant yeast
Organic canola oil

decided not to use any of the sourdoughs I have; will see how the loaves taste with regular yeast--it's been a long time since I baked any breads without a sourdough starter, so it feels a little odd--but today is the only day I had available, and the rest of the week will be packed, so there really won't be time to do the whole aging process. Expediency seems to be necessary this time around--

the dough after mixing

after the first rise

in the pans, ready for the second rise

and the loaves, after baking--

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